Granny's Girls is an online site in memory of our beautiful granny Tammy L Threatt (9/18/63 - 4/11/19). Even though she is no longer here for us to see and touch, the memories she so carefully and intentionally created, along with the special way she loved each of us, will remain in our hearts forever. Thanks to her, we know very well just how precious and important the bond between a girl and her granny truly is. She made us feel special in ways that only a granny can and we know she felt the exact same way about us. She took the time to show us so many wonderful things. She taught us that we are beautiful, special, smart, blessed, capable, talented, protected, worthy, her motivation, and her joy. She was a Queen, and we couldn't be more proud of her today. We strive to serve other granny's and girls worldwide. We do this in honor of Tammy T's legacy and her amazing fight.


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